2 Bars-Goat Milk Soap-Screaming Goats Dairy Farm

$12 for 2 bars
If you would like 2 different scents, just write a note in the checkout page in the ORDER NOTE box
Lavender and rosemary
Rose quartz
Bergamot and Valencia
Tea tree and bentonie
Simply clean
Leather and honey
Lavender and honey
Peppermint and eucalyptus

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Goat milk soap in a variety of scents! Get two bars for $12!

Screaming Goats Dairy Farm is  a small dairy farm in North Alabama raising LaMancha dairy goats and make Goats Milk Soap with their milk. The young lady has been raising goats and making soap and other product for several years, she is now 16. What a wonderful way to support a young entrepreneur. The money raised from selling products is used to help pay for the goat feed and supplies.
All natural product from Gurley, Alabama.

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