Honey Pie Distressing Bar


Handmade by University Pickers
Wax resists paint! You can get a faboulus layered look using any water based paint and our Honey Pie Distressing Bar. This 100% natural wax fits in your hand easily and is slip resistant.




  • Paint a base coat on your piece. (This is the color that will be peeking through the top coat).
  • Randomly rub the Honey Pie along the edges and on the high points of your piece of furniture. Where you put the wax is where you will see the base coat to achieve the worn look of many layers of paint.
  • Apply a second coat of paint and let it to dry.
  • With 220 or higher sandpaper (or even a terry cloth) lightly sand the areas you applied the Honey Pie to remove the top layer of paint.
  • You can do this for MANY layers if you wish.
  • Then once complete, wax your entire piece with Maison Blanche Antiquing wax or your preferred wax.

Ships only to the U.S. Please contact us for international orders.

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