Booth University with Cindi & Trish-Business Coaching Group


Business coaching group for Booth owners covering topics to help you grow your booth biz. We will share our experiences, friends and tools to help you increase income and reach more customers! Created by sisters Cindi and Trish, owners of University Pickers, 2017 Retailer of the Year for Huntsville/Madison County AL  and founders of Booth Biz/Booth Conference.
Monthly subscription group is only $37/month!

Tackle topics like Social Media, staging, pricing, shipping and so much more! Learn ways to grow your income and profits in your booth biz! We don’t know it all alone, but together we can pull our resources to know a lot more in less time!
Each month  you will get one training and one live call..but in between we will gather resources and pull what each of the members has learned so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel! There is a challenge each month to help you put the tools you have learned to use! For only $37 a month and implementing the tools, our goal if for you to see actual increase in sales and traffic to your social media and more importantly your showcase booth!

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