12 Simple Ways to increase sales quickly

1. Add a wish list to your booth- customers write what they are on the hunt for. When you are pickin’ or creatin’ you can call them when you have what they are looking for.

2. Create a Business Facebook AND Instagram page and Post 1-2 times a day on EACH!

3. Facebook and Instagram LIVES showing booth items, creative process or tips

4. “HOW TO” demos in your booth if you sell paint or refinishing products

5. Host or Teach classes

6. Post items on Marketplace directing folks to your booth! If they contact you always send them to the shop/booth.

7. Have a social media sale-could be FB or IG Live or create an album of Buy It now items with easy PayPal invoicing. If items are in your booth see if shop will send invoices or hold items for payment/pickup for agreed upon time. Honor your shops % of sales for items in your booth at the time of posting.

8. Rearrange/Refresh your booth a minimum of 2x a month and post your refresh on social media

9. Hang out in your booth and shop on a busy day to help customers. Where a shirt with your booth name/shop and/or a name tag with your booth name.

10. Raise prices 10% and your sales will likely increase 10%

11. Add .99 to end of each price…102 items will equal an additional $100 at the end of the month.

12. Have a scratch and dent sale in your booth to clear out things you aren’t going to use/repair etc.


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Booth Road to Success
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Using Social Media for your Booth Biz

Using Social Media for your Booth Biz

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