Eclectic Style for your booth

Is your Booth Eclectic?

Are you only one mood or style or image? Do you only dress in one certain fashion, act the same in all situations? Of

 course not!

We dress according to activity and mood. We act a little differently in front of our boss than we do in front of our best friend. Who says you have to stick to one style in your home or booth too? Ohhhhh THEY do?? Who are THEY, and do they live in your home or work your booth biz for you?? Should they dictate what you do? We say…”do what you LOVE and it will all work out!”

Love that mid century desk next to your Victorian lamp?! Go for it! Love selling all styles, because who can guarantee what we will find while pickin’? Don’t pass up that beautiful French provincial dresser for free just because your booth is mainly modern! Let us help you put it all together to make it the perfect mix of styles and make it perfectly, eclectically YOU!

-If you love it get it…People tend to buy things that will go together. I love the color yellow, so I buy things that work with yellow. They’re all different styles and from different periods, but I love it, and it looks great in my home. Sometimes you just have to find the perfect piece to bring it all together, like a piece of art, a rug..or your favorite colors. Same with your booth! Use a rug or larger art piece that pulls the colors together. It doesn’t matter what the style is.

Create a Color Story– Create a color palette calendar for your booth. Colors can easily be switched for seasons/holidays or even every month. If you DIY the items in your space, this is easily done with a little planning. Also, by creating a color calendar you can organize or store your pickins by color so you can easily stage your booth. When you do, create a color story. You can sit that yellow mid century dresser next to that yellow rose Victorian lamp, and it will look beautiful.

Provide Variety Variety is a great way to reach more customers! Customers will take one look at your booth and decide if they will linger or keep moving…if you only offer one style, many will just keep walking. If you offer variety, more customers will stick around looking for that perfect, unique item and hopefully find it in your booth.

Eclectic doesn’t mean cluttered. Many people say eclectic is a cluttered look. Well, if you have too much of anything, no matter the style, that can be cluttered, but having a few curated items of different styles is not cluttered. So be selective, and if your displays are neat, clean and organized, it will be beautiful.

Our goal is for you is to do what you love. Don’t let others tell you your booth style is WRONG, and if you present a neat, clean, organized booth and show your personality, it will be fun. Customers will enjoy looking and most importantly, enjoy buying.  We, as booth biz owners are all always learning ways to do better, but don’t let others tell you your eclectic style is wrong.

Be you, because YOU are amazing!

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